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Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Wednesday, January 25, 2006 ]


George W, Wrong Again

Let me begin by stating that I am not a lawyer. If someone has an explanation for my concerns, please, tell me.

The Bush Whitehouse has been caught "pants about the ankles", again.
As easy as it is to pursue suspected terrorists in our country right now, any rules seem to be too many for George W. This is no longer news. Since there are already two sides arguing this, one side saying it's legal for the president to order warrantless wiretaps, another saying it's illegal, let's examine a third side, let's call them ultralegal wiretaps for now. There seems to be a strong possibility that the GOP and the Attorney General will take whatever steps necessary to legalize anything Bush wants to do anyway.

I'm certain that nearly all Americans would want to thwart another terrorist attack on our soil. The outrage right now stems from people who don't want their domestic activities monitored from day to day. That's easy to understand. From nose picking to infidelity, there are myriad things we do that may not be illegal, but aren't something we wish to discuss with anyone else.

Why isn't anyone discussing the inevitable problem that is going to occur when these NSA dragnets dredge up incriminating evidence that is not of a terrorist nature? How will you feel when a crime committed against you, a rape, robbery, or perhaps even the murder of a family member, is solved with information gleaned from one of these ultralegal wiretaps? You know what is likely to happen; the criminal's attorney will argue that the evidence is all tainted. Even if a warrant for further investigation is pulled, because of evidence from an "anonymous source", when the real source comes out, chances are excellent that the whole case will be dismissed.

It has to be, or else we start walking in that very dangerous land where anyone can be investigated for anything any time with no one having any privacy at all. It will be like Joseph McCarthy screaming, "Communist!" or the people of Salem shouting, "Witch!".

The president can't have it all ways all the time. He says we are fighting terrorism overseas so that we won't have to face them on our own soil. That's why we are involved in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Then out of the other side of his mouth he says we have to spy on everyone in America to fight the terrorists in our own country. Well, I think we have found an enemy. Tell the NSA; tap 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

David Blaine [7:51 AM]