Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Wednesday, August 04, 2004 ]


Plain and Simple

Regardless of anything else, I think a few things tell a sorry tale of George W. Bush's first four years as president. First of all, he has eroded any foreign support for him or our country. Customarily the Chief Executive could get his allies in OPEC to flood the world with oil in the months leading to an election, one sure way to give the U.S. economy a false sense of security, and help the president win re-election. That isn't happening and isn't likely to happen. Next we are soon due to find out whether the country has experienced a net loss of jobs under George W. Bush's leadership. If so, he will be the first president since Hoover to preside over such a bleak spectacle. Even if he squeaks through with no net loss, how can he bang a drum over no gain? He keeps talking about a red hot economy as if his breath alone will ignite the country. The fed is speaking of raising interest rates to battle inflation. Well the economy in the Midwest is stagnant, or worse, still eroding. Jobs are a major issue, and inflation is due to higher gas prices which affects every product moved by truck, train or plane. Raising interest rates will further drive us into recession as people buy even less than they are now, and as more jobs are lost. The red hot economy is a house or cards, and that house is about to be blown down by all the hooting and hollering of the Republican administration.
Lastly this administration has not united the people of our country into a cohesive, self-supportive constituency. The fact that our society has become so polarized must be addressed by whoever wins office. The next president needs to act on the fact that he will only be placed into office by a little over half of the citizens. He cannot act as if he has a mandate to push an agenda scorned by the other half of the country, to do so will risk driving the country into a cultural civil war. What we need is a leader and not a bullshit artist. And I smell something rotten in Washington.

David Blaine [9:53 AM]

[ Monday, August 02, 2004 ]



I'm not smiling now. In fact, I'm in trouble because I don't smile under stress at all. And work is all about stress. So today I have been written up for "not playing well with others" for lack of a better term. And that can lead to very negative consequences if the pattern doesn't change. The ten year old pattern. So, help. What advice, good advice, can you give for someone who has been unhappy with himself and others for over forty years. I don't want to take medication, it's been offered before. I don't take any medication for anything right now. I'll be waiting with a fake smile on my face.

David Blaine [12:25 PM]