Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Saturday, July 10, 2004 ]


Babylon Redux

In eras elapsed eternities past
On Mesopotamian plains lived individuals of largesse
Loathsome were they, and full of themselves.
And their seers, preconceiving a time off
When the men of Babylon would be laid low,
Convinced the sons of Nimrod to build a testament
A monument for the world to gaze upon in awe
Gaze upon with favorable consideration.
And ziggurats they raised
One upon another they staged
Until a tower stood
To lift these men to the heavens
Close to their gods.
And in their minds they were close to being gods themselves.

But the seers were accurate in their visions
And the men of that mighty hunter Nimrod
Became debased dogs of babel
tongue tied and stupefied
Scattered to the dusty corners of a dusty globe.
Nomadic travelers, desert dwellers
Starting new tribes and beginning time over.

And in this present epoch
Tens of thousands of years since
Surely some of the great hunters
Have descended from these dogs past
Growing back to that former high state
Haughty in self regard and future visions
Desirous of some memorial to leave to the future generations.
Now these seers call anew and again for a building in stages
Something to reach past the heavens themselves
Something to reach as high, no higher than their gods.
For in the time it takes to rebuild a people to their former greatness
Their ambitions grow double
And it is not enough to be as the master
These would pass the master.
Not just the heavens but the planets above would these stages reach
Carry these mighty men of Nimrod right up to the Moon, to Mars.
To let no one ever forget the might of this royal race of hunter-gods.
Because the seers sense an impending convergence
A going back to that place
Not the beginning-
nothing that pure
But to that place where the dogs will again be scattered
And lose their voices.
And then they will have their turn to dwell
In the dusty corners of a dusty globe
Of their own making.

David Blaine [5:31 PM]