Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Thursday, June 03, 2004 ]


Friday Poetry

Yeah, I know I did poetry yesterday too, but hey,
it's what is on my mind right now. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. This is not mine, author credited at the bottom. Enjoy.

Astral Anvil

there's an astral anvil
and an ethereal hammer
raw unformed physical chaos in between
and the cold steel kid
forging a killing machine

in the blazing fire of its gaze
flames are dancing
in predefined rituals
which are partial about
mocking their own creator

burning bolts scatter in fear
but are called back
to accept their fate
and thrown into the destruction
every single spark forgiven

the heat is scorching
and muscles are tearing
one by one they break
for the cold steel kid
and the futile thing he wants to make

© Igor Van den Hoven


David Blaine [8:18 PM]


New Visitor

I recently had my first known visitor from Ireland post a comment here. Lea is a writer and poet I met on another site.
After she helped me with some of my work and showed me some of hers I wrote this for her. It was for her birthday which was yesterday.

Fate is Kind

A little bird, across the pond, picked
up a bit of what I'd floated over.
Checked it up and down, fancied
it grand, asked for more
and sent me some of
her own to share.

Fate is kind. To live
when two so far
apart by time, age
and so many things
can for a moment

Two birds
let down their guards
trust in the moment.
Then fly away
the better for knowing.

Fate is kind.

David Blaine [12:28 PM]

[ Tuesday, June 01, 2004 ]


Wasted Effort

I've noticed in a lot of places, in public, in private, in print, that people are arguing and disagreeing about U.S. politics as never before. War will do that, and a war time election will surely do that. People who never would be so controversial as to speak about heated issues are not only discussing them, they are bringing up the subjects themselves. Gone are the days of breaking the ice with "polite" conversation about the weather, or a sports score.

I've also noticed some who stir the fire to kick up smoke. The cut and run fellow who wishes to get his licks in and retreat, or argue for hours with nothing to say. Life is too short to waste time with such disagreeable individuals. Debate is a wonderful thing. It informs and gives insite into how the other side thinks. Arguing with someone who has already made up his mind that you are wrong, you were born wrong, you will die wrong, and he will never change, well that's a waste of time and effort. I'm not interested. I doubt any of you are either. Patience is great, but that can be wasted to. How many times can someone say their sorry and then come back to hit you again before you just ignore them? I think the term is shunning. I think it came from an old religious order that used it as a punishment.

Whether here or elsewhere I'd suggest that the issues in the fore are too important to waste time with such disagreeable sorts. Let them find birds of a feather to flock with and waste someones time there. Oh, and welcome to the first week of the Summer season, now that we've past Victoria and Memorial day.

David Blaine [1:01 PM]