Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Thursday, March 04, 2004 ]


Blogorhythms…the personality quiz.

1. When you see a poll like this in someone's blog you:

A. Take it to see how you score.
B. Paste a link to the poll in your blog.
C. Copy the poll to your blog.
D. Surf over to a blog with actual content.

2. When you don't have anything new to blog about you:

A. Don't blog anything.
B. Go read your friends blogs for inspiration.
C. Create a rant off of something Andy Rooney said last Sunday.
D. Cut and paste off CNN

3. Your blog is mainly:

A. A collection of essays that appeal to you and your loyal followers.
B. Political opinions shared by you and your loyal follwers.
C. Stream of consciousness ramblings that you and your loyal followers like.
D. Stuff you like. No one else reads it as far as you know anyway.

4. When you discover a unique new blog you:

A. Write an entry about it on your blog.
B. Add a link to your blogroll
C. E mail a few friends to tell them about it
D. E mail the owner and ask to get on his blogroll.

5. At lunchtime you usually:

A. Eat the brown bag you dragged this morning.
B. Run out and grab fast food.
C. Find a healthy restaurant and eat a leisurely lunch.
D. Stay in your office and read blogs.

6. How formally do you write in your blog?

A. Queens English only.
B. Idiomatic expressions allowed.
C. Informal but correct.
D. R U 4 REEL?

Now for your scientific score. Tally the number of A answers and divide by the number of B answers. Subtract the D's from the C's and multiply by 4. If the result is an even or an odd number and you were born on a day of the week you are neurotic and probably don't have on socks that match. You probably voted for Bush in the last election, but if you voted for Gore your vote was switched for you in Florida. You like to try new things and last week at Denny's you put A-1 sauce on your meatloaf instead of catsup. You are starting to get a feeling that someone is pulling your leg. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or the man in the whitehouse. Lather, rinse, repeat.

David Blaine [1:20 PM]



I just heard on the news this morning that Bush has a goal of raising $170,000,000.00 for his re election campaign, and already has one hundred million of it in the bank. Kerry has thirty three million to go up against that. It is obvious that you don't raise a hundred seventy million from mom and pop citizenry. I wonder what inspires the likes of Haliburton to donate so that Bushco can continue to help every day Americans like you and me for another four years?
If anyone doesn't see the lights flashing or hear the bells ringing, it's time to wake up. Four more years, what kind of America will be left for your children or grand children?

David Blaine [8:04 AM]


If you see Jack Frost...

tell him I'm looking for him. I'll be driving up north in search of the last snow of the season tomorrow. Saturday I have a 30K cross country ski race. After that I'll be getting the bicycles ready for spring. Sunday it hit 50 degrees here and I rode a bit over 20 miles with my mountain bike. Between rain and southerly winds we have lost enough snow in the past week to leave 90% of the ground bare. Two weeks ago there was a good 12-15" of snowpack on the ground.
I like the snow, but who could possibly not look forward to spring? A lot of birds are back from the south already, so you folks below the Mason-Dixon must already be in clover. See you next week.

Update: Saw a pair of Mallard ducks swimming in a swollen creek by my house on the way to work, but also saw a pair of geese standing on a frozen pond by work. Good for the ducks, oops for the geese. Couple more weeks and that pond will be open water though.

David Blaine [6:18 AM]

[ Wednesday, March 03, 2004 ]


It's Official?

So John Kerry has a lock on the Dem's nomination and Edwards has withdrawn. Bush has called Kerry to congratulate him before lighting the barbecue that he will try to toss Kerry on in the next 8 months. Now let's see who gets the VP nod for each party. Not sure Bush will stick with Dick.

David Blaine [1:32 PM]

[ Sunday, February 29, 2004 ]


bin Laden on ice?

Reports published today say that Iran is claiming the U.S. and Pakistan already arrested Osama bin Laden some time ago and are holding him for a pageant to be held just before the U.S. elections in November. Ok, I made up the part about the pageant. Does sound like a "wag the dog" kind of festivity though. And of course both Pakistan and the U.S. deny the whole thing. What is a poor boy to believe? You have a questionable government in an adversarial relationship with the U.S. saying one thing, a group that is pretty much known to lie about anything they want to ("we don't have a nuclear weapons program" yeah!) and a U.S. administration that wouldn't admit to having bin Laden in custody if he had been photographed at a D.C. Starbucks with Rumsfeld and Bush. I will state that I expect bin Laden to be in custody before the first Tuesday in November.

David Blaine [9:48 AM]


Airline Safety

No this isn't about terrorists, it's about overloaded airplanes crashing to the ground. Airlines make basic assumptions about the weight of passengers and baggage to determine if an airplane is overloaded. Luggage has been weighed for some time now, and of course you are only supposed to carry on luggage that can fit in that little box they have set by the entrace to serve as a guidline. Now there is talk about weighing passengers to make sure that the plane isn't taking off with more weight than the airlines expected, and to make sure the weight gets distributed evenly in the plane. I have an additional suggestion. Next to that little box you are supposed to check your carry on luggage with, lets put an actual seat from the coach section with a sign that says "If you don't fit in this seat you have to pay to ride in first class" Think I'm kidding? Read this account of a man who lost almost 200 pounds. He explains what riding on an airplane used to be like for him.

David Blaine [9:41 AM]