Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Saturday, February 21, 2004 ]


Iranian Elections

The elections are over and ballots are being counted in Iran. Many candidates were removed from the ballots, which led to cries to boycott the election. It appears about 50% voted. Some were coerced to vote with promises or threats. Reza over at Steppenwolf has broken a long silence in order to comment on the situation in his homeland. It is sad that there can be no peace in this.

David Blaine [1:15 PM]

[ Wednesday, February 18, 2004 ]



When I was young a cancer diagnosis was a death sentence. You never heard of anyone going into remission in the late fifties or early sixties.
The first person I ever knew with cancer was a little girl from my neighborhood. Her father was my doctor. I didn't understand how he was unable to do anything for her, and why she died. Now, years later, many people who are diagnosed early get treatments, go into remission, and are able to get on with their lives. in between then and now was a time when some followed non-traditional medical approaches in Mexico, with laetrile, made from apricot pits.
I never knew of anyone who recovered using laetrile. Research and advancement in traditional medicine made it un-necessary to pursue it. Still it is understandable that when the traditional methods won't work, people will try non-traditional methods. In the end, if they have a choice, they have greater confidence in the traditional, the tried, the known. Howard Dean campaigned on the idea that the traditional was broke, wasn't going to work, needed to be infused with an outsider who could fix it. It wasn't a bad idea, except there are still a few traditional choices out there for a Democratic nominee, Edwards and Kerry. And I think that the public has made a clear pronouncement that with the choices they have, they prefer to stick with the traditional for now. Call it electability, call it whatever you like. Whether Mr. Dean wishes to endorse one of the two front runners or wait until Super Tuesday, I think he should withdraw from the race and let the voters in the remaining primaries choose between the two men who have the most support.

David Blaine [8:00 AM]

[ Monday, February 16, 2004 ]


Edwards not running.

According to John Edwards, he is not running for vice president. It is understandable for someone who is still running for the Democratic nomination for president to feel this way, and even to voice it on national television. I would hope he would be willing to change his mind if he does not receive the actual nomination. A lot of people like Edwards, and I think he would make a good choice to run for president, but we have to face the facts. If the primaries continue the way they have, Kerry is going to get the nomination. A lot of people would like to see a Kerry/Edwards ticket. Although this may not be what Senator Edwards wants, I hope he would consider serving his country by accepting the offer if it comes. That is what I would expect of someone who claims to want to serve his country. Anything less sounds like a spoiled school kid taking his ball and going home when the game doesn't go his way.

David Blaine [3:33 PM]


Eight Seconds

After skiing as hard as I possibly could for three hours, thirty one minutes and fifty three seconds I crossed the finish line eight seconds in front of a man from Ohio who took last place. Thus ended my third and most enjoyable North American Vasa ski race. If I had stopped to blow my nose one more time I would have finished last! It may not seem like an ambitious goal, but not finishing last in a field of highly trained, conditioned and motivated athletes is an honor.
The soles of my feet are sore from rubbing in my boots as I kicked. The palms of my hands are sore from gripping the poles as I pushed, as is my stomach from crunching each time I pushed. My arms are wore out, my back is tired and my legs are going to need a few days off before I run or ski again. It was great.

David Blaine [7:30 AM]