Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Friday, January 23, 2004 ]


What is the cost of justice?

I haven't paid a lot of attention to the Martha Stewart scandal but lately I've become aware that she only profited about $50,000 by selling her stock when she did. Now the issue of whether that was right or wrong can fairly be determined by the courts, and the laws she may have violated are important to the well being of our economy. If insiders pull these kinds of stunts then average Joes get burned in the market. But what is the economic impact of pursuing this case? If it were an unknown party, would the pressure to prosecute be there? I have to believe that the cost of bringing the charges to court exceeds the $50,000 mark by a ton. And what about K Mart, one of her marketing partners? Just back from Bankruptcy, K Mart can't be selling a lot of Martha Stewart merchandise these days. What about K Mart shareholders? Are they loosing their butts because of this? All the people being pulled out of work to try to round up fifty potential jurors from which to select a final 12 plus 6 alternates, are they loosing pay? Are their companies loosing money because the jurors are out? Now who will benefit from this? Is there someone who is going to get a big advancement in their career as a prosecutor if this goes down? Will someone get to say they were the one who took down Martha? I don't want to have to pay for that crown.

David Blaine [11:08 AM]

[ Wednesday, January 21, 2004 ]


Take it Off!

What's up with France now? The country that Americans associate with "taking it all off" is going a step farther to say you can't wear it at all.
Turbans, Head Scarves, Religous Jewlery, even beards may be banned to enforce an absence of religious reference in public. No Yamaka?
Oy Vey! I know some people just don't get it, never had it, and never will get it, but an entire nation?

David Blaine [2:51 PM]

[ Sunday, January 18, 2004 ]



WHO, the World Health Organization, has stepped on some toes by suggesting that the world might fight it's spreading (no pun intended) obesity problem by cutting the consumption of fat and sugar. How dare they suggest that? Don't they know that a lot of people make their money selling fat and sugar? And don't go thinking sensibly and suggest that we just limit our consumption of fat and sugar. Those people make a LOT of money by selling a LOT of fat and sugar. Suggesting that all foods can be part of a sensible diet doesn't sell 42 ounce fountain sodas. It's sad that the business world has come to the place where they will do anything to earn a buck that doesn't send them to prison. Seeing pre teen children 20 or more pounds overweight makes me think that someone has already sentenced them to a sub par life destined for early medical problems. Maybe prison would be fitting. I sure can't see how anyone can come to the defense of the corporations who market to promote the unhealthy mass consumption of empty calorie snacks.

I've noticed some of the soft drinks and now some of the candy bars are trying to market themselves by showing people doing strenuous exercise while consuming these products. This makes some sense because if you are doing a 24 hour mountain bike race or running a marathon you are going to need a lot of extra calories to perform well. Of course when I see people drinking and eating these thing in real life they are leaning on a lamppost. Only makes sense. If only competitive athletes consumed these products the manufacturers would have to lay off two shifts at their plants. No, they show the mountain bike rider chugging their soda before speeding off around the next curve, but they sell to 12 year olds. Watch kids at basketball games drinking sports drinks. Not the players, the spectators. What is that about? I don't take sports drinks unless I plan to work out for more than 90 minutes straight.
I could type on about this all day but just so you know who's toes the WHO stepped on, president Bush is angry with their report. Maybe it's because he has a bum knee and can't jog right now.

David Blaine [9:32 AM]


Message in a Bottle

Please help. We in Iraq are being set up to vote for political leaders who were hand picked by the United States government. We would desperately like to have free elections that were not influenced by outside forces. What do you suggest?

Occupied and Confused

Dear Occupied.

No idea really, but if you figure it out let me know. Seems like the exact same thing that happens here in the U.S. every four years.

David Blaine [9:16 AM]