Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Friday, August 22, 2003 ]



We had some awful storms run across lower Michigan last night. There was wind and lightning, rain going sideways, big hail, and of course nasty thunder. I tried to sit on the porch and watch it all until the wind and rain started coming sideways so hard that it was like sitting in a shower. After the worst was over we could still see brutal lightning in the southern sky well past our bedtimes. This morning I believe there were reports of tornado sighting south of us, but the storms are gone now, the sun is back, the dry grass can grow again now, but there are other storms that are more disturbing.

There are people who hate each other so much that they are willing to sacrifice the peace and safety of their fellow men and even their own families in order to continue killing their presumed enemies. The reports from around the world this week are too numerous to isolate just one instance. They all seem to have the common thread of hatred overriding the desire for peace. I hope the sun comes out soon.

David Blaine [9:25 AM]

[ Sunday, August 17, 2003 ]



I got back from my trip on Saturday afternoon. J and I were able to ride home together, because her brother brought her up Tuesday night when he came up to the camp. Yesterday was our 28th anniversary too. We spent the afternoon unpacking and doing some laundry, and after a light supper home, we went to visit my niece and my new great nephew at my sister in law's home. I had won a 2003 silver dollar for being first to finish in a 5 mile run earlier this year, and it seemed like a very appropriate gift for the newborn. I told his mom to make sure he eventualy knew how I came by the coin before I gave it to him. Michigan was one of the states affected by the blackout the last few days, but luckily our home and our business were only out of power a few hours, and we had no loss of power where we were vacationing. My brother (who is 40 this year) let me know that he is going to run the Chicago marathon in October and he is thinking of doing some 50 Kilomter (about 32 mile) nordic ski races this winter. He is leaving me in the dust, but 8 years is a big difference in age now. I took some lovely bike trips this past week, and ran full tilt through some nice wooded back roads, to avoid being eaten alive by biting flies that swarmed everywhere in the heat. I didn't get to swim, J got sunburned and wasn't interested in visitng the beach. We did take in some nice museums of local history, some of which were air conditioned. I expect work to need much catching up tomorrow when I get back. I'm dreading it really. If I don't post more for a few days that will be why. Next big event in our lives will be my son's wedding on September 20th. My mom will be coming up in another couple of weeks to help get ready. Hope to catch up on all your blogs soon,

David Blaine [1:40 PM]