Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Saturday, August 02, 2003 ]


Old School

This weekend I'm celebrating with old classmates for a 30 year reunion. Friday we had a golf scramble for the dozen of us that could shake free from work. This morning I ran in a 5K and had a pretty good time, only about 30 seconds off my best ever time. This evening my wife and I will go to my class dinner where about 30 members and their spouses are expected. It's a good time in our lives. Everyone I played golf with yesterday is enjoying themselves in the places and situations they find themselves right now. I'm glad to see others getting along well. There does seem to come a time, finally, where you stop measuring yourself against everyone else and just enjoy yourself!

David Blaine [11:18 AM]

[ Friday, August 01, 2003 ]


Another Passing

Wednesday marked the passing of another old friend, the Volkswagon (old) Beetle. The last one rolled off an assembly line in Mexico yesterday. My first car was a 10 year old 1962 Beetle. My dad helped me paint it bright orange, it was 1972 after all. The car was awful. It had a 6 volt electrical system that would not start the engine. I had to push start the car by popping the clutch if I wanted to go anywhere. There was no heater, and in the winter I had to keep the vent windows open to avoid frost on the windshield. I loved it. It bought me the independence all 16 year old boys want from their first car, regardless of how great it was or wasn't. Adios amigo.

David Blaine [6:38 AM]



According to the Associated Press, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Iran's vice president, said Wednesday that Iranian-Canadian photo journalist Zahra Kazemi was murdered. She had been arrested while taking pictures of a prison in Iran earlier this summer. Kazemi had been detained and interogated for more than three days and then was transfered to a hospital where she died 14 days later. Cause of death was a blow to the skull. While the Iranian Presidential report did not say the death was intentional, it did dicredit the initial report that the journalist had suffered a stroke.

David Blaine [6:34 AM]

[ Wednesday, July 30, 2003 ]


Belle Glade death ruled suicide.

In this Florida city there is some peace of mind tonight that Feraris Golden's death was not a lynching, as had been suspected. Evidence relied upon by the coroner included drugs and alcohol in the man's system, absence of restraints on his hands, no one hearing any disturbance in the area, and lastly, the man had been found hung with a sheet from his relatives home, not a rope. There are also notes reported to indicate depression on the part of Mr. Golden. I find it disturbing that anyone can find peace that a suicide took place. As repulsive as lynching is, I find the death by suicide no less repulsive. Why should someone in this great country ever fall into such dispare? Why must people walk without friends to cheer them? Why must someone die before anyone notices or takes up their cause?
I'm sure that the larger issue here, distrust of the police by the Belle Glade community, needs to be addressed. But don't take solace that the man "only committed suicide".

David Blaine [8:19 PM]



OK, nobody likes a snob, but Blogsnob isn't like that.
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[ Tuesday, July 29, 2003 ]


Another Voice

Faramin has started a blog titled Human first, then proud Iranian. I
have added it to my blogroll simply as Faramin, not out of disrespect, but because there is only
so much room in the column on the left. Good luck friend.

David Blaine [1:09 PM]

[ Monday, July 28, 2003 ]


Thanks for the memories.

Bob Hope passes away at age 100. A classy guy shows us that you don't need to be anything more than a good friend to be remembered.

David Blaine [9:59 PM]

[ Sunday, July 27, 2003 ]


Back at it.

It's been too long since I did any serious exercise. Not to make anyone feel bad, but even a 50 mile bike ride isn't much if that is all I do that week. This morning I went out for a 6 mile training run with my heart rate monitor. The HRM confirmed that I'm back to pathetic shape and I needed to walk almost as much as I ran, but still it was 90 minutes of exercise that will work towards my goal of skiing a respectable time in a race I want to enter next winter. I may still get a triathlon in this fall, but I know I can complete one now, and regardless of how much I train, I won't be able to do much more than complete it. It's too late to think about placing. I guess it's just going to all be for fun for the rest of this season.

David Blaine [2:57 PM]



I believe that everyone should take advantage of other peoples mistakes, to learn from them, because life is too short to make the same mistakes over and over. Someone wiser than I said, "those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it". Pedram had an article about the movie "The Pianist" over at The Eyeranian and he discussed what everyone can and should learn from the Nazis and Hitler. If you check out the article you will see that Pedram is indeed qualified to speak about the subject. I was reminded of this piece again today when I read that Idi Amin is in a coma and dying at a hospital in Saudi Arabia. He has been living in Saudi Arabia in exile since he was deposed as dictator of Uganda in 1979. Of course he has been living on the money he looted while in power for eight years. Eight years when he killed 500,000 of his own people. What is worse, killing your enemies or your friends? I recall the joke, if Idi Amin invites you to dinner, don't accept. I think that was the basis for the character Hanibal Lector to say towards the end of "Silence of the Lambs" "I'm having an old friend for dinner" As Pedram points out, to so many of you who read this, 1979 might seem like ancient history. We aren't talking about the Roman Empire here. This was when I was growing up and raising my children. To you, it may seem like something that can never happen again. I'm sure looking back at the Nazis and World War II, people in the 1970's felt that was something that could never happen again too. Just before Idi Amin sized power and killed a half million Africans. Never forget, never assume it won't happen to you.

David Blaine [10:16 AM]