Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Wednesday, July 16, 2003 ]


Adieu. I'm slipping out early this week for a long weekend. Tomorrow I have a < golf > business meeting with an insurance carrier < /golf > and Friday I am traveling on to Chicago to visit my brother and run in the Bastile Day 5K Run to help support the Mercy Home for boys and girls. Saturday is open but will probably turn into a bicycling adventure and/or swim. So thanks for the visit and I'll see you Monday. Unless you are in the Chicago Loop Friday evening. Then look for me, I'll be the one in the running shoes.

David Blaine [10:25 AM]

[ Tuesday, July 15, 2003 ]


Small Steps The U.S. appointed governing council in Iraq has undergone a lot of criticism from within Iraq, however governments from around the world welcomed the move as an important first step in restoring self government to the Iraqi people. Although the first step was probably removing Saddam in the first place, this is an important move and shouldn't be criticized until it can be viewed in the rear view mirror of history and judged on whether it results in eventual self determination for Iraq. The country clearly isn't in a position to hold elections at this point, but to wait further to get some Iraqi input into the day to day government isn't right. News today reports that the council will ask to be recognized by the U.N. as Baghdad's world representatives. To me this seems like a sliver of dawn's light after a long winter's night.

David Blaine [8:10 AM]

[ Sunday, July 13, 2003 ]


Zobgby Moves. Kamil has moved the Zogby Blog off Blogger and onto a new service. My blogroll link will take you to his new site. If you have him bookmarked, his new address is
Good Luck Kamil.

David Blaine [2:00 PM]


Lemonade. A friend called late last week to see if he could come by for an overnight visit. We played some golf and he filled me in on the latest in his rocky marriage. His wife likes to date, and she doesn't hide it. I've know this friend about ten years, the wife too. He finally filed for divorce this spring and it will be final in about 4 more months. He told me this weekend that she didn't oppose his custody of the three children. She hasn't seen a lawyer, hasn't done anything. How sad. It's one thing to get dumped for someone else, it's different to have your spouse walk away from everything she ever had to do with you including the kids. When I said goodbye to my friend this morning he was smiling. We played golf real early so he could get home in time for church. He is getting a lot of life's lemons right now. He seems pretty good at making lemonade.

David Blaine [9:56 AM]