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Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Saturday, June 14, 2003 ]


One More Time Now. Remember Michael Ledeen? He has an article quoted from the Wall Street Journal relating in some detail the confrontation between the student led democracy movement in Iran and the Mullahcracy. It's a good background read of the situation. He is encouraging the west to "support" the student movement against the Tehran government. I have a problem with this since Ledeen has also encouraged the Bush administration to intervene with military force in Iran, on more than one occasion, in just the past 6 to 8 weeks. If I see someone in distress, say changing a flat tire on the side of the road, I don't just go up and start jacking the person's car up, I ask if they want help. I would then offer the help that was requested, and which I was qualified to provide. Seems simple enough, maybe I'm too simple minded. Michael Ledeen, please stay home and wait by the phone. Someone may call. maybe not.

David Blaine [9:18 AM]


Would you do this? Each of you has a favotie Blog to read. Something that delights or informs you in a special way. Would you please refer me to it? I would like to get directed to blogs that my readers enjoy. Especialy if you don't see it in my blogroll. If you have your own blog, and I don't have it linked, tell me your site plus your other favorite site. I think if you enjoy visiting Smile At Me, I would probably enjoy your site and your other favorite sites too. And if you know someone you think would enjoy this site, please pass the address along to them as well. Thanks,
have a nice weekend.

David Blaine [8:22 AM]

[ Friday, June 13, 2003 ]


Where are you?    Nikita? Faramin? I miss you, are you still there?

David Blaine [10:57 PM]


Direct from Tehran. Steppenwolf lives in northern Tehran and reports at his page about the struggle Iranian students are going through right now in their stand against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He makes it sound very serious and quite scary. Also Iranian Girl gives her take on this battle and although it sounds very violent, you can hear the hope, even excitement, for a better future in her writing.
She is a student herself in Iran.

David Blaine [5:23 PM]


Happy Birthday Mom It's almost father's day, but today is my mom's birthday. I have a bad habit of not remembering birthdays. I remember birth months, so I knew it was coming up. Today I opened my contact manager and the message popped up. Lucky for me, because I don't use that program every day. Now before you get the wrong idea, mom already received a card and gift from J and me, we sent it last week. I just don't keep track of the exact day. I phoned mom after lunch and she sounded great. In her upper 70's now, that status of her health is always a question mark from day to day. Of course she was delighted that I "remembered" and that I called. She is going to my cousin's restaurant for supper tonight, but she doesn't want him to know it's her birthday. He's too generous already (of course I'm calling him as soon as I get done with this post). Mom lives in-Florida. Where else?
Mom took care of my aunt until she passed away, mom's a retired nurse. So my cousin is justified in spoiling mom a bit when she visits his restaurant. J and I visited mom this last winter. It was wonderful, a time when mom was feeling strong. It was our first trip there without our children, so it could just be adult relaxation, late suppers, quiet conversations. You know I'm getting old when my idea of "adult entertainment" involves sleeping in late and going on the casino cruise after lunch!! LOL. Mom talked about her death, who she wants to get what, how she wants to be cared for, cremation. I talked with J about buying mom's condo after she passes. I was surprised J sounded interested, we usually don't agree on those kinds of ideas right off. After I thought about it though, I realized I didn't want the place at all, what I wanted was the feeling of being there with my mom. And that will go when she goes.
Then I'll only have memories, and those are free anyway. I suppose you might say that they aren't free, that they were paid for on the installment plan, over time. Either way, they are paid for now.

David Blaine [4:41 PM]


Little things. Yesterday I needed to go to a business meeting in suburban Detroit. I don't get down that way often. With the internet I can buy almost anything from my country home anyway, but some things you want to try on first. I never buy shoes without wearing them first. So what I got on my trip yesterday was a new pair of shoes for work, a replacement set of bicycle tire levers, which my son's friends lost for me recently, a DVD of the movie "Frida" which I was interested in, and which Sahalie recommended on her site, some dark rye flour from the bulk food store, and blank CD rom's so I can copy digital photos for family and friends. I was unable to find a dress belt and a copy of "Steppenwolf". I probably could have gone from store to store looking further, but time was getting short, so I still have something to shop for next time, unless the belt breaks, in which case I'll be K-Marting it. I was kind of upset that a large bookstore would have all the Tom Clancy novels and not a classic like Steppenwolf. Whats up with that?
I just sketched this so you could get a glimpse of how boring my life can get sometimes. It also poured rain for the whole drive both ways. Oh well, tomorrow's another day.

David Blaine [2:22 PM]


What's New I haven't been online much and haven't seen much to share today. I took the Squawkbox comments down for now, since Enetation seems to be stable again. It would be a one minute job for me to get Squawkbox back on the page if Enetation goes down the tubes though. I would recomend the following sites for interesting reads. Doobs at Odobea, Sahalie at Call Me Sahalie, and if you still didn't check out "The Sharpening Guy" then try The Sentimentalist. My 16 year old son now announced that if my 20 year old son is going to enter a triathlon he will as well. I'm waiting to see them do their first training though. It has motivated me to get out and do somthing every day. Don't want to set a bad example. I wonder if this was a plot on their parts? Now I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, any page on my blogroll is a good read, or I'd take it off, but some are good for politics, some humor, some computer tech stuff. Hope everyone has a nice Father's Day with their dad or if you are a dad, with your dad and your families.

David Blaine [11:38 AM]

[ Thursday, June 12, 2003 ]


The Sharpening Guy For those of you over 40 this article at The Sentimentalist may bring back memories. If you didn't have a sharpening guy in your neighborhood or town, perhaps you had some other tradesman who came by from time to time. This is very well written and worth the time. The word pictures it paints of a neighborhood on a summer day will help you recall a slower paced, more relaxed time. If you didn't live it, perhaps you will understand a bit more after you read this.

David Blaine [5:16 AM]

[ Wednesday, June 11, 2003 ]


The Crow Someone named Pouria has started a new blog called MayKadeh, which means "tavern" in Persian. The first post is a story about a crow. I don't think the writer feels as fondly as I do of the poor birds.

David Blaine [5:03 PM]


< i >Whoman< /i > Hooman's Scribbles has graduated to an even nicer Site. I've updated my links to take you to his new page, a movable type production. I love everything about his blog except that now it makes these blogspot sites look so lame! Good luck Hooman.

David Blaine [10:03 AM]


Peace Now Wouldn't that be nice? Tired of people spouting platitudes that seem to do nothing? Well, I remember the 60's. They say if you remember the 60's you weren't really there, but I was a child on the cusp, coming of age in the late 60's and early 70's. We wore peace signs on pins, patches on our jackets, medallions around our necks. It was like an ID badge you might wear to work, it got you admission. Admission to a world where people were more tolerant, less judgmental, open to new ideas. Since I've been blogging these past few months I realize that type of world is still here, one where the open minded people, the ones with the biggest hearts, are still willing to accept you not because of who you are, but in many cases, in spite of who you are. Lets face it, Americans are a minority in the world population. Arriving someplace outside the US sphere of influence, and announcing that you are an American, I wouldn't expect that to open many doors. So thanks to all of you who visit, from the US, close neighbors, and distant friends. Thanks for your trust, for sharing your thoughts and ideas. And thanks for your patience when the old blogosphere seems to freeze up once in awhile, like yesterday! In a world where it seems permanent peace may only be a dream, it is possible to enjoy the peace that can exist between individual people who are large enough and wise enough to put aside differences and celebrate what they have in common. May we serve as examples to our less tolerant brethren. Peace now.

David Blaine [9:59 AM]

[ Tuesday, June 10, 2003 ]


New Comments Enetation is a mess. A visit to their site shows little attention has been paid to it lately. I still have the Enetation script in place. When Enetation chooses to work, you will see two different comments links. When Enetation is down, you will see only one, unless the new one, Squawkbox, gets bocky as well. If Enetation goes down the tubes we will loose all prior comments, a sad event. If they make a comeback, I will be ditching Squawkbox, and we will loose the most recent comments there as well. Sorry, and I'm sorry that the new system doesn't remember you when you come back each time. It's like the Blogger mess a couple of weeks ago all over again. Now you see it, now you don't. Thanks for your patience.

David Blaine [2:56 PM]


Violence. I already have enough things at work to put me in an off mood today, and now on National Public Radio (a surprisingly good source for news) I hear that a senior member of Hamas has been attacked with rockets, and an innocent bystander and her eight year old daughter were killed. Of course Hamas has vowed revenge.
It would seem that Israel could cut out the middle man and just bomb themselves. I love Israel, but doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result seems so asinine.

David Blaine [10:18 AM]

[ Monday, June 09, 2003 ]


I need comments on comments. Enetation is driving me crazy. It's perfect in every way except one, it's always friggin down. I love that it pops up in a new window, I love the templates, I love being able to edit out multiple posts when you accidentally hit the post button three times. I'd love it if it were there every time I opened my page.
So what else is available that's free and bulletproof? Is there anyway to preserve all the old comments? Even if not, if a free service were available that worked, I'd switch, but I want something that uses a second window, not something that takes you away from my page and makes you use the back button to come home again. So, any suggestions? Thanks.

David Blaine [3:21 PM]


The Emperors Club My wife and I watched this film Saturday night. It casts Kevin Kline as a teacher of western civilization at an all boys private prep school. The message is wonderful. He expects so much of his wards, and they do not let him down, but part way through the movie Kline's character does something inconsistent with his high standards and I do not understand the message, until the end. In the end of the film Kline is no longer teaching, but his last students wish to have him to a 25th reunion. When he sees all that they have accomplished in their lives since graduating high school, he realizes, a mistake (remember the "something inconsistent") doesn't make you a failure, and something done right doesn't make you a success, its how you live your entire life and the contribution you have made. He knows he has made a contribution to the world through these men he once taught.

Yesterday my 20 year old son asked me something that surprised me. He wanted to know what he would need to do if he were to race in a triathlon this season. I have never preached that anyone should follow in my footsteps in that regard. There are plenty of other ways to stay in good health. This son thought it was time he did something, two years out of high school, to get back in shape. He was a football, basketball, and baseball player in high school. Now I look forward to training with a partner for the rest of the season. In August or September we should be ready to race.

David Blaine [10:47 AM]

[ Sunday, June 08, 2003 ]


Can a nation have a civil war if it isn't even a nation yet? It now appears that Mahmoud Abbas efforts to gain a cease fire from the various militant factions in Palistine will not be successful. Just as other countries have groups with different agendas, there are groups within Palistine that don't seem to wish for peace, unless it involves destroying Israel. This makes me feel sad for the Palistinians represented by Abbas who would prefer to come to peaceful terms with Israel. The Palistinian authority doesn't seem to have the power or the inclination to police the extremist groups that continue to attack Israel, and Israel doesn't seem to have a lot of self control when it comes to retaliating. I hope there is a way for Palistinians who would like peace to have a homeland that can exclude the extremists, and be secure from Israeli retaliation. A Palistine divided not unlike North and South Korea perhaps.
It seems a shame that each time the two sides go to the well of peace, someone has to tip over the bucket.

David Blaine [6:39 PM]