Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Saturday, May 31, 2003 ]


Saturday I was able to get online at my brother's house and keep on blogging. Yeah, I'm big enough to admit I have a problem, probably need a 12 step program. I love programs, I'll probably stop by Best Buy and look for a new program today. ;-)
This morning my brother and I are going to do a run, swim, run, bike, run
non-competetive, non-race (hahaha) workout together.
Good Weekend to all,

David Blaine [7:50 AM]


News I like to hear. As reported at Hooman's Scribbles
Colin Powell said US was not contemplating "military or other sorts of actions" for regime change in Iran, Syria, North Korea or Libya, as it did in Iraq, but its policy was to "speak" to Iranians to bring about a "transformation" in the country.
"We hope Iranian people will make it clear to their leaders that the manner in which they are being led by their political, secular and religious leaders is not moving the country in the right direction," Secretary of State Colin Powell said on Friday. "We believe transformation should be made by the Iranian people, and that we will speak over the heads of their leaders to let the people know that we agree with them," he said.

David Blaine [7:33 AM]


Listen. "I dreamed of you last night. It's a long time, isn't it?
I have a feeling that you read this page. If true, good for me. If not, good for you.
You could easily know who I am. After all, how many lonely steppenwolfs might be out there spending their solitude with nostalgic feelings?
I dreamed of you last night. You have changed a lot, haven't you? You were more mature and wise. Me, I just cut my hair short. No one to caress it anymore...."
Finish reading the rest at Steppenwolf.

David Blaine [7:29 AM]

[ Friday, May 30, 2003 ]


"Sometimes, you're better off not saying what you know for fear others will think you're cuckoo. For instance, I've always thought machines have souls. Not the kind of thing you confide to a complete stranger. But now that I've seen it in print, I'm going to start talking it up. Listen to Mario Cipollini, the flamboyant Italian road racer, say these words with an Italian accent: 'The bicycle is something special, with a warm heart and a soul...if you love it and respect it, it will give you back special moments and emotions you'll never forget."

Georgena Terry, from her Terry Precision Cycling catalog

Mario Cipollini

If you love it and respect it, it may also take something away from you. If you ride an hour a day 5 days a week, it l could possibly take 50 pounds away from you in a year.

David Blaine [7:52 AM]

[ Thursday, May 29, 2003 ]


"Former" Diplomat L. Paul Bremer III, the new U.S. overseer in Iraq was interviewed on TV this morning. He was asked about former Batthists who were forming a resistance to the US occupation of Iraq. This isn't a direct quote, but he said they would be killed or put in jail. Pretty diplomatic, eh? Don't sugar coat it, Paul, tell it like it is.
It isn't that I don't expect insurgents to be killed in battles or jailed, it's just that the boldness isn't likely to win any loyalty from fence sitters who may be deciding who they want to line up with. I may hate red neck white trash but if someone from Whoville says they are going to kick said white trash's ass, well, it's MY red neck white trash by golly.
Try toning it down, smile, and take the spurs off. Who knows, somebody might like us then.

David Blaine [11:23 AM]


Good News According to a CBS News article , Hamas and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas may be nearing a cease fire agreement.
Perhaps against all odds peace may move forward between Palistine and Israel.

David Blaine [9:53 AM]


Adios Hi, bye, I'm outa here for the weekend. My niece is graduating high school in Chicago, and my wife and I are going to see her. Play nice while I'm gone, no nuclear weaponry allowed on the page til I get back at least.
See if you guys can keep the world safe for me til I can resume posting next week!.

David Blaine [8:39 AM]

[ Wednesday, May 28, 2003 ]


For Sahalie cuz it's my page and I can do it if I want.


She's a beauty, eh?

David Blaine [5:52 PM]


The Diwan of Shams of Tabriz, by Jalaluddin Rumi

Thanks to Nikita for pointing to this poem.


I don`t get tired of You.
Don`t grow weary of being compassionate toward me!
All this thirst-equiptment
must surely be tired of me,
the waterjar, the water-carrier.

Show me the way to the Ocean!
Break these half-measures,
these small containers.

All this fantasy
and grief.

Let my house be drowned in the wave
that rose last night out of the courtyard
hidden in the center of my chest .

Joseph fell like the moon into my well.
The Harvest i expected was washed away.
But no matter.

A fire has risen above my tombstone hat.
I don`t want learning, or dignity,
or respectability.

I want this music and this dawn
and the warmth of your cheek against mine.

The grief-armies assemble ,
but I`m not going with them.

This is how it always is
when I finish a poem.

A Great Silence overcomes me,
and I wonder why I ever thought
to use language.

David Blaine [5:32 PM]


Good News. Blogger seems to be working better today. I've been able to visit all my Blogspot friends, and my visitor count is nearer to normal since yesterday. Sharon of Israel seems to be standing his party on it's ear with his announcement that he intends to make peace and end thirty plus years of Palistinain rule and occupation! Lets hope his is both sincere and successful.

David Blaine [8:30 AM]

[ Tuesday, May 27, 2003 ]


What is the difference? Suppose you and I each head a company that manufactures the same product. We compete head to head for the same customers. What you do is of great interest to me and my company and vice versa. Lately your company has been very competitive and I am loosing business. I come together with my board and say, "Smith is too smart for us, if we got Smith out of his company, they would be less competitive, and that would be better for us." So we brainstorm and think of ways to sabotage your company and get you removed from your position there. Doesn't that sound illegal? Doesn't it sound unethical? Well if it is unethical in the business world for one company to plot and execute a plan to destabilize the management of another company, what is the difference between that and destabilizing the government of another sovereign country? Do you see any? I don't.

David Blaine [12:34 PM]


"How come the Midwest is in the United States, and the Mideast is overseas somewhere?"
George Carlin

David Blaine [9:34 AM]

[ Monday, May 26, 2003 ]


Bad News & Wrong Views An A.P. report Monday says U.S. officials believe al-Qaida members are inside Iran and that the hard line Iranian government should be replaced. Both Democrats and Republicans urged extreme care in working toward that goal, avoiding anti-American backlash from Iranians whom they believe admire the American way of life. Iran's foreign minister insisted that they do not and would not shelter al-Qaida members, pointing out that before America, Iran was al-Qaida's first enemy. The report went on to say that senator Jay Rockefeller believed it would be "very foolhardy" to try to destabilize Tehran in expectation of pro-Americanism.
In an unrelated news item, Syrian president Bashar Assad said he doubts the existence of al-Qaida and asked, "Is there really an entity called al-Qaida? Does it exist now?" Some believe Washington made up al-Qaida to make Muslims look bad. I would have to say that the Americans need to reconsider why what happens inside Iran is any of their business. Sure it is a source of concern, but we should be careful about making comments regarding a sovereign country. As for Mr. Bashar Assad, it may not matter what you call it, but the entity the U.S. calls al-Qaida seems to be alive and alas well. Just ask the Iranians and the Saudis.

David Blaine [9:29 PM]


Sorry but today I can't get on any blogger sites at all. Amazingly, I can post a message to Smile At Me, even though I can't see the page myself. Blogger has a message up about a hardware failure. I don't know how long it will affect me, and I don't know if anyone else can still get to the site. I hope later today or at least tomorrow I will be able to do something more. Thanks for visiting,

David Blaine [11:58 AM]

[ Sunday, May 25, 2003 ]


The real strength in human beings lies not in our ability to overpower others, but to connect with them: to listen to them and to be heard by them; to understand and be understood by them; to reach out to them and be reached out to.

Jon Wilson
Hope Magazine

Amen, John.

David Blaine [5:16 AM]


Thank You so much. The past week Blogger has been very disagreeable. I know that many of you have had to hit refresh to view the site, and the comments aren't always working. Also the links have pointed to the wrong posts. Blogger has posted a message on their site that they are aware, are sorry, and are working on it. What impresses me is that I still am getting a lot of visitors each day, despite the extra difficulty. All of you who come here must really wish to read what is on Smile At Me; and that makes me glad to post each day.

David Blaine [5:06 AM]