Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Friday, April 25, 2003 ]


I read this beautiful poem at Reza's site Take One. We take our freedoms for granted sometimes, read how this Iranian author feels about living in his country.

By Shahyar Ghanbari

Blue of the sea is forbidden
The desire to see, is forbidden
The love between two fish is forbidden
Alone & together is forbidden

To have a new love, you should not ask permission
To have a new love, you should not ask permission

Whispering & murmuring is forbidden
Dancing of the shadows is forbidden
Discovering the stolen kisses,
In the middle of your dream is forbidden

To have a new dream, you should not ask permission
To have a new dream, you should not ask permission

In this homely exile
Write the simplest poems
Say what you have to say
Say long live life,
Say long live life

To write a new poem, you should not ask permission
To write a new poem, you should not ask permission

To write about you, is forbidden
Even to complain is forbidden
The fragrance of a woman, is forbidden
You are forbidden, I am forbidden!

To start a new day, you should not ask permission
To start a new day, you should not ask permission

David Blaine [9:19 AM]

[ Thursday, April 24, 2003 ]


I am not "anti war" in regards to what the US did in Iraq, but if I had my 'druthers the next time would go much differently. That said I saw a link over at Ryan's site, Beatniksalad, for a cool project called Faces For Peace. You can leave your picture if you like (you don't have to) and leave a friendly message for the rest of the world. Whether you were in support of the recent events in Iraq or against them, I would encourage everyone to leave a message of peace on this site.

David Blaine [1:15 PM]

[ Wednesday, April 23, 2003 ]


Welcome to Detroit. Two Arab men were detained for questioning after they were seen taking pictures of the Ambassador bridge.
A search of their car turned up "explosives". I later heard these explosives described as equivilant to road flares or M-80's, a very strong firecracker capable of blowing up a toilet perhaps, but not a bridge. Are you still considered to be paranoid if someone really is trying to get you? The bridge in question links the US and Canada between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario. It is not unusual for tourists to take pictures of it.

David Blaine [9:29 AM]

[ Tuesday, April 22, 2003 ]


Would somebody please act like they have a brain in their head? I live near a border crossing with Canada. This week some addle brained twits on the US side have started hooting at cars with Canadian license plates, "go back to Canada". This is supposed to be over anger that Canada didn't support the US in Iraq. The Canadians that live near US border crossing have the most support and respect for the US of all Canadians. Let's not allienate them. The decissions made by the Canadian politicians in this regard have not been received well by all Canadians, some Canadians predict their leader won't be re elected next time around. At any rate, you can't lump all Canadians into one group and condemn them. I'm not sure you should condemn any of them. It's also a free country, they can think and do what they want. Instead of protesting against Canadians, why not do something in support of our returning troops. Positive energy now, come on, we can do it together.

David Blaine [9:57 AM]


It's Earth Day, would have been a good day to ride my bike to work, eliminate some air polution, except ITS SNOWING! Darn.
I'm sure we will go right from winter to summer here this year with no spring at all.

David Blaine [9:50 AM]

[ Monday, April 21, 2003 ]


Sina Motallebi, an Iranian blogger, has been arrested for what he printed on his web page. You can learn more about it at Pedram's new site Eyeranian, or his old site. If you would like, you may sign an online petition to free Sina Here.

David Blaine [3:11 PM]


My fellow Americans, it is over 18 months since the World Trade Center attack. Are you still employed and earning a living? For most of us the answer is yes, but not for all. It's within our power to help get some of our friends and neighbors back to work. Do you need new furniture? Don't wait, go out and get it now. How about new carpet, new appliances. I'm not saying consume for the sake of consuming, but I'm asking you to do now what you were putting off because of "the economy" If you really need these kinds of things get them now. Put some people back to work, so they can earn the money they need to buy what they haven't been able to. One of the really fortunate ones who has everything they need at the moment? Great, go on that vacation you had planned but canceled. Take your family out to dinner this week, go see a movie. It's not a simple solution, it's a simple way to make a difference. If one person gets called back to work because of it, great.

David Blaine [10:30 AM]

[ Sunday, April 20, 2003 ]


Happy Easter. If you are not celebrating Easter, then a good day to you all the same. I started this blog about a month ago hoping to make some new international friends. I hope to learn about their countries and perhaps through them, more about my own country. I had received some angry remarks, as I mentioned yesterday, but today I see the author is interested in speaking with me. I hope he will e mail me (link on the left) and perhaps we can find some common ground. I have met a lot of really nice folks on the web this last month, but it is most exciting to meet someone who started out angry with me, and perhaps will pause and get to know me better, get to understand that not everyone you disagree with is a bad person. Peace,

David Blaine [7:44 AM]