Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Saturday, April 12, 2003 ]


Today is my birthday and I wanted to celebrate by going for a bicycle ride, but the wind is gale force. I went about 3/4 of a mile north at 8 mph and turned around and hit 35 mph on the way back in. At one point I thought my brakes were dragging, but it was just the headwind. Perhaps tomorrow, better late than never. We will be celebrating three birthdays at supper tonight, so I am cooking and baking today. My daughter's birthday was yesterday and her husbands was late last month.

David Blaine [1:12 PM]

[ Friday, April 11, 2003 ]


Sign at my barbershop: "The trouble with America is that the people who are most qualifed to run the country are all driving a cab or cutting hair" Yeah, it's easy to take a pot shot when there's nothing on the line. I wouldn't run for political office no matter what anyone promised me.

David Blaine [5:31 PM]


I have been having a lot of Iranian visitors, and I don't want to offend them. If my tone seems other than respectful, it is not intended that way. I would love to hear from you, tell me about your views, you don't need to shout. If you show a link to your own site I'll visit. Peace,

David Blaine [4:39 PM]


When it is slow at work I do a lot of surfing, and I have been reading a lot of blogs this week. Bloggers tend to write more inteligently than the general public. I seem to be reading stuff from people who are doing some real soul searching, reaching out and trying to find answers, not just arguing. Now readers sometimes add some really ignorant comments, like one supposed college student who's reply to something he didnt like was "go f*&^%k yourself!". I am surprised at the general backlash against the U.S. by people all over the world. Not just relating to what is going on now in Iraq, but off the wall stuff. I would like someone to tell me what they think about a couple of things. Try to remember that in any argument, it's important to stay focused on the matter at hand, telling me about how the U.S. screwed up in World War II doesn't get it done, yaknow? So, thing #1, was anyone anywhere in the world going to do anything about Saddam ever? If so what, and at what point. If you think he should have just been left alone to do his thing til he died, only to let his sons continue in his place, be big enough to say so, and say why. If you think he was a great man please tell me why. The way I see it, he was an asshole, he did only wrong. Thing #2. In other parts of the world, if you know your neighbor is beating his wife, or kids, is it considered propper to pretend you know nothing and let the guy continue to take his frustrations out on his family? If that's the case then I could understand why no one cared to take out Saddam. In my country at least some people would consider it cowardly to burry their head and pretend everything was OK. They would at least help the family move away from someone who beat them, or call the police in, or perhaps just take the guy aside and kick his ass. So, go ahead and let me know, comments or e mail, thanks for reading,

David Blaine [8:23 AM]

[ Thursday, April 10, 2003 ]


Sorry, the entry below this somehow was formatted in error, and I can't edit it either. The link points to the wrong article, but if you visit the site of Iraniangirl and read her post for Thursday, April 10, you will see how the future leaders of Iran are thinking these days.
Iraniangirl's Blog

David Blaine [10:08 AM]


If you are a westerner I would like you to please visit this Iranian blog and read what Irainangirl writes

David Blaine [
9:46 AM]


I am delighted to be receiving several comments and e mails, so I know that what I am putting in here is making people think. I would rather get a few visitors who stop and read and write than hundreds who just pass by and don't write. Some of course do not agree with everything I say. No surprise there. For those of you who are unhappy with the U.S. and U.K. in Iraq I want to say that I understand your reasons. No one who says they support the war is happy to see the bad side, no one is happy that children have had their legs and arms blown off, their parents killed, or parents who have lost their spouses or children. On the other side, I imagine that even those who hated to see the coalition go into Iraq are still glad that Saddam is gone, unless you were on the dole from him. Saddam stole the wealth of the nation and only doled out the little he needed to keep a few people (reltively few compared to the whole country) by his side to keep himself in power. I doubt that the country or the region will miss him. So, there are many good and many bad points to the war. Even if everyone agreed on what those points were, we still couldn't agree on whether the sum total tipped in favor of going to war or not going to war. That is because each of us would weight the merrits of each point, for or against the war, differently. Now it is almost a moot point because the war is in the endgame and soon the rebuilding must start. But we need to learn from history lest we repeat it (sorry, I don't recall who I am quoting there but I don't claim that as an original remark!). I do not want to see my country start a war in Iran or North Korea. I hope that the United Nations will learn that they need to take a more active, more responsible role in world affairs, that they can't always just sit back and say, lets wait. Enough for now, whatever your persuasion, peace to you and yours.

David Blaine [9:34 AM]

[ Wednesday, April 09, 2003 ]


This is a rather sad day in the news about the war in Iraq. Some might be surprised, because it seems that Sadaam might be gone now. I am sad because of the way the Iraqi people are acting in Baghdad. Looting and stealing from each other. I thought that the Muslim people were better than that. I know that when the threat of getting your hands cut off for stealing is there, they act better than that. I would like someone's opinion on this who is better able to understand. I could understand why people wanted to loot the
palaces of the man they hated, but I can't see looting the shops of your neighbor.

David Blaine [9:12 AM]

[ Tuesday, April 08, 2003 ]


The coalition forces are ever closer to controling Baghdad, and still no hearing from Salem Pax. I heard a rumor that Salem Pax may have been Sadaam's son Odai. I'm kidding, it is an awfuly slow day at work today.
On the other hand if anyone has seen anything about him (Salem Pax, not Odai) let me know! Gee, if you saw Odai let me know that too. I'd start by looking at the bottom of a very deep hole.

David Blaine [4:06 PM]


A boy and his grandfather were traveling across country with their donkey. As the three walked along they met some people (who did not know them) and the strangers spoke amongst themselves: These two are foolish, one should ride on the donkey. So the old man put the boy on the donkey and they traveled on to another town where the locals muttered, how wicked the boy who rides and lets an old man walk, so the two travelers traded places and walked on. At the next village the people there thought it was wicked that the man rode and made the young boy walk, so after that they both rode on the donkey. Eventualy the travelers came to a place where everyone cried out, how cruel these two are to burden the donkey so, and after that the travelers carried the donkey. Alas they came to a bridge, lost their balance, and the animal went over the side and drowned in the water below. The moral of this fable is that if you listen to everyone, eventualy you risk loosing your ass. Draw your own conclusions.

David Blaine [3:43 PM]


Every time I read a blog that burns the Coalition forces or Tony Blair or George Bush I have to wonder. If I go with the assumption that everyone in the world knew that Saddam was a wanton murderer, than where does the line fade between pacifism and cowardice? And where do cowards get off labeling the few who say, enough, and step forward, at great personal sacrifice, to do what they deem is no longer debatable, but a forgone conclusion: The blood of Iraqis is already on all of our hands today and every day we let the butcher go on breathing. Sure he hasn't hurt us yet. So what? Years ago our dog was barking furiously in the night, and I got up to see why. As I watched out my window my phone rang, it was a neighbor. "Your dog is keeping me awake!" he screamed. "Well" I said, "a burglar is trying to break into Bob's house across the street" The caller replied, "I don't care, just shut your dog up". Nice neighbor, more concerned with his peace and comfort than the well being of the guy across the street. Oh, Wait, is there a paralell here?

David Blaine [2:10 PM]


Yesterday I read an article about veiling in Iran. Hat Tip to Uncertainty Religious Vs Culture kind of article. It concluded by asking, "don't you find modesty attractive?" I thought about that, and I'll give you an older mans view. Too many modern women worry about their appearances. Guys get tired of someone asking if their outfit makes their butt look fat. What if you really liked me (sorry, I'm married, but this is all hypothetical anyway) but you found out I was blind. Now you still like me, but you can't rely on your appearance or your clothing to appeal to me. How do you attract me to you? Perfume? OK, if you smell nice it's better than smelling all sweaty, but what about your tone of voice, your choice of words, your attitude towards yourself, the world, and of course me. How about a gentle touch. Would you like to discuss something that interests me?
Give this all some thought, because this is how I would discover someone's true inner beauty. Now I'm not blind, and I'm biased against certain physical characteristics, but you would never guess which ones. The veiling thing though, the modesty, not from a religious standpoint but from a social or cultural one, maybee that makes sense. Maybee it ensures that a man can choose a woman based on the most important qualities, and not just the one with the cutest belly button. What do you think. Maybee a westerner could learn something from the Muslim culture, even if it has nothing to do with religion.

David Blaine [11:54 AM]


I've added a comments section, so now if you wish to comment without e mail you can. Rather than link to each days blog though, the comment link is just above the e mail link on the left, thanks. I look forward to hearing from you, give me your thoughts and ideas.

David Blaine [11:47 AM]

[ Monday, April 07, 2003 ]


Here are some thoughts from over a year ago that still seem relevant regarding peace, or the lack of it, in the middle east. The author is an Iranian livining in the UK. Barrier's to Peace. Hat tip to Editor: Myself aka Hoder. No solutions, but great food for thought.

David Blaine [10:24 AM]

[ Sunday, April 06, 2003 ]


Reading other people's blogs is making me think about things I normaly don't have to worry about. When I read that people in other countries hate my country or Americans, or me, I don't usualy worry about it too much. They don't know, it's like the story of the three blind men who examine an elephant, afterwards each describes an elephant for their families, one man says an elephant is long and round like a snake, he held the trunk. Another claims an elephant is big, thin and floppy, he held the ear, another says an elephant is like a rope with a fluffy puff of hair on the end, he held the tail. None of them knows enough about the elephant to describe it to their families. I don't imagine I know enough about other cultures to draw any inteligent conclusions either, but I do know this, when two cultures are different, it's never that one is better than the other, they are just different, when two people are different, it's not that one is better than the other, they are just different. When one of the different parties has to insist that they are the superior entity, that's(in my mind)usualy a sign that just the oposite is true. The whole world doesn't have to love one another, it's sufficient that they just have respect for each other. Sometimes when one person has enough to share with another person, the first person isn't trying to own the soul of the second, he just has something to share. OK? Sorry my blog doesn't have a coments section, but there is an email link on the left, write.

David Blaine [10:23 PM]


Ok, I did the ride, two hours. It was cold but I dressed for it. The air is clean in the cold weather, you can smell things you normaly won't, like clean laundry smell coming from someone's dryer. One house smelled like sweat and old cigarette smoke, and that was outside as I rode by! There was also the scent of cedar from one of the woods along the way, and many homes are burning wood this weekend, still many without power. The smoke smells good outside, but I'm not sure they are all that comfy with no power, that usualy means no water.

David Blaine [1:29 PM]


Today the sun is out and it makes all the ice on everything look like fine crystal. Even the snow with ice mixed in it looks like diamonds on the lawn. The sun is starting to warm things up a bit now, I just heard a bunch of ice slide off the roof. There is still a forecast for 6 inches of snow coming next. My in laws got their power back last night and went home. Almost back to normal. I did run outside yesterday, and rode my bicycle on a trainer in the basement. If the roads are dry I may dress up and try to ride outside in the sun. May be up to 40 F. today.

David Blaine [9:12 AM]