Smile at Me Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Wednesday, November 03, 2004 ]



My son is a volunteer firefighter. He is performing a civic duty for his town and is serving about a thousand people. Most people would consider that a good thing, and I do too, but what if he had a chance to serve his whole county?
Should he tell the county no, he is so happy serving the best interests of his town that the county isn't important? No, most people would say to go on and serve the county where perhaps he would be serving a hundred thousand people. But what if his state called on him for service? Should he tell the state no and just keep serving his county? No, again, most people would say to serve the millions for the state. But what if his country called him? Should he tell his country no, or go on to serve hundreds of millions at the national level? Most people would say that he should leave his post serving the state to serve his country. Again I would agree with them. Now I have one last question to ask you. What if his world called on him?

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David Blaine [1:52 PM]



There's a fire in my belly that won't go away. The newsman and the party boss discussed what will happen now, over the next four years. The president will need to reach out. Well don't reach out to me, I'll spit blood in your eye. You can't steal from someone and then reach out. You can't burn down their home and then say your sorry. Right now all I possess is anger, and there isn't anything productive I can do with that.
I'm angry at an arrogant prick of a president and his arrogant boss, the vice president.
I'm angry at the limp dick challenger that didn't do enough to win after he bought his nomination.
And I'm angry with the so-called citizens who voted out of ignorance and fear, may you get all you have coming to you. All of it.

In my state these patriots passed a constitutional ammendment to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I wonder if you narrow minded assholes realize you just voided the marriage license for every divorced and remarried couple in the state. Tell your children they are bastards in the morning for me, OK? If you think that's harsh, read your Bible. The one you thumped during the whole campaign. Wait till the self righteous get rid of the gays, they'll come for you adulterers and fornicators next, you're on the list, four more years baby.

See you in hell, I'm already there.

David Blaine [2:19 AM]

[ Tuesday, November 02, 2004 ]


Date: November 2, 2004
Time: 7:12 A.M.

My vote was cast and counted. What were you doing?

What are you doing now?

David Blaine [8:27 AM]

[ Monday, November 01, 2004 ]



Many Americans are voting for Bush because they believe he is the candidate most qualified to defend the country against terrorists. If that is true, you have to look at Osama Bin Ladin and ask this question.
With many nonsensical voices spouting the opinion, over the past year, that Bush would capture Bin Ladin a few weeks before election day to secure a victory, and considering the fact that such a capture probably would guarantee a win for Bush, why hasn't he pulled this trick off? It isn't because Bush hasn't tried, it's because Bush can't. He is really impotent in the face of terror. To hide his impotence he has ensnared our millitary in a diversion in Iraq. And Bin Ladin is alive, healthy, and sending press releases to the world via video tape.
So much for choosing the candidate most able to guide us to victory in the war against terror. The war against terror is going to be a lot like the war against drugs. Remember when we used to have a drug problem in the U.S.? Then there was the war against drugs, and now, you can't buy drugs anywhere in the U.S., right? Yeah, right.
It is said you can't go on a trip if you don't know your destination. In the war aginst terror there is no defined enemy. We don't know who we are fighting. The leader is flying blind, and still people want to vote for him.

David Blaine [8:44 AM]

[ Sunday, October 31, 2004 ]


Perfectly Clear?

I am distressed. I am troubled that the prospect looms for George W Bush to get re-elected this coming Tuesday.
In a responsible country, the man should be a lame duck before the election, not running four to six points ahead of his opponent. Make no mistake. I believe Bush should be subject to prosecution as a war criminal. If you want to vote for him you are either rich, stupid, or scared. He is appealing to the fears of many voters. Shame on you if you are voting out of fear. America didn't become what it is because people gave in to their fears.
George W Bush went after Saddam Hussein because Hussein tried to assassinate Bush's father, the former president Bush. For this reason he concocted a false case, disregarded sound counsel, thumbed his nose at world opinion, lied to congress and the American people, and went to war against a country posing no direct threat to us. After winning the initial skirmish quickly, he has snagged our troops in a quagmire they will not be able to escape from victoriously.
And still people want to vote for him.
He cut taxes at a time when he drove us from a budget surplus into a record budget deficit. And those tax cuts were for people earning over $200,000 per year, the top ten percent of the nation.
And still people want to vote for him.
In a country founded on the principal of separation of church and state, a country established by many religious refugees, Bush wants to enact constitutional amendments based on tenants of his chosen religion, a religion not accepted by a substantial portion of the country's citizens.
And still people want to vote for him.
He has lost more jobs than any president since Hoover, during the great depression, the first president to have a net loss of jobs since then.
And still people want to vote for him.

So let me make it clear. If you want to vote for Bush, Screw You. I hope that by the time another election comes around, you will no longer be sucking the oxygen from this planet. You and the selfish bastards who vote with you are no countrymen of mine. But feel free to embarrass me by showing the world how crooked this nation has become.

David Blaine [8:10 PM]