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Smile at Me-World Peace via International Friendship

[ Thursday, May 20, 2004 ]



The subject of marriage is dividing Americans as never before. I wrote a fairly long piece on this but can only do a condensed version here. I think it is important. Here are a few facts as a basis.

1. The United States is not a Christian nation, is not founded on any religion. It is a secular country. It was founded by people who fled church/states to come here. However we do have freedom OF religion here, not freedom FROM religion. All people must be free to worship as they please.

2. Marriage is a sacrament that is first spoken of in the book of Genesis when God put Adam with Eve. Marriage is also a civil institution. The two are seperate, different concepts that share the same name. To make it more confusing, when people choose to marry in a religious ceremony, both the sacrament and the civil institution are usually presided over by the same person at the same time. It does cause confusion, but it must be understood that people are doing two different things at the same time.

3. The state has a responsibility to administer and record the civil marriage records. They are necessary to determine paternity, parental rights, transfer of real estate, property settlements, liability issues, medical insurance and many other civil affairs. As a civil, secular matter, to deny any person or class of persons the equal opportunity for such civil marriage would be discrimination.

4. The sacrament of marriage is optional, those who choose to take this additional step are afforded no more rights than those who choose to marry at the courthouse before a judge. You have no right to this sacrament, you have to find a religious body willing to accomodate your request. You may be refused. You may have to shop around for a church willing to marry you.

5. If people can't agree on the idea of civil marriage for all then we need to think about seperating the two institutions and getting a new name for the secular institution for ALL couples. Everyone would have to "join" at the courthouse first, and those who wished to "marry" could then go to the church of their own choice and do so.

Marriage is the doorway that seperates church and state, and the doorway needs to remain closed. I say that for the good of all our citizens. We don't need to have any official state religions.

David Blaine [9:14 AM]

[ Monday, May 17, 2004 ]


Kerry's Dilemma

Bush's popularity is at an all time low, approval ratings ditto. Americans' support of the war in Iraq is slipping, and Kerry is trying to figure out how to beat this guy.
A simple explanation is that although a lot of Americans don't like Bush, they say they feel safer with him as president.
People aren't getting a good vibe from Kerry, and they aren't getting a satisfactory message from him either. His latest TV blitz to make himself know isn't hurting him, but it isn't getting any great message out either.
If you would like to sign an online petition imploring John to get his message out to the voters visit Fanatics and Fools.

David Blaine [11:04 AM]